These are FAQs

Installation & connection

In areas where we offer free delivery by our own trucks, we can also connect and install the following appliances free of charge

Fridges – excluding specialized plumbing services Washing machines and washer-dryers – excluding washing machine pedestals and anti-flood devices.

Free Delivery

We offer free – yes, free! – same-day or next-day delivery to Sydney metropolitan areas, as well as selected Areas.
When you make your purchase, you can choose a delivery day  In most areas, we deliver Monday to Friday, We also offer Saturday and Sunday deliveries for free too. For the removal of your old Appliances please check with us .

Delivery Time

We usually deliver during business hours, but sometimes it’s as late as 7pm-9pm.

Your driver will contact you once before 10am, to provide you with a 2-hour delivery window, and again approximately 30 minutes before they arrive.